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Varietates Legitimae 65: Local Procedures

Let’s delve deeper into liturgical “modifications,” past the bishops, and especially the role of the clergy, laity, and even of non-Christians: 65. The episcopal conference will examine what has to be modified in liturgical celebrations because of the traditions and … Continue reading

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Continental Dollar: Mind Your Business

  As the Continental Congress was emboldened to declare independence, it also made plans to issue its own money. Ben Franklin provided the design–including that cheeky motto. And some rich folk contributed silver, brass, and pewter for some pattern strikes. … Continue reading

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A Bit of Americana

Before you buy that slice of apple pie today, reflect a moment before you hand over that $2 bill.

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Music For the 4th

The Kansas City-born composer Virgil Thomson supposedly once said: The way to write American music is simple. All you have to do, is be an American and then write any kind of music you wish. Does “A Prayer To Saint … Continue reading

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