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Reports From The Cult of Celebrity

To lead off, let me say that it is wholly natural for human beings to look for big sisters and brothers, mentors, guides, directors, and shepherds. Even the more self-possessed among us had formative years. Times in which our values, … Continue reading

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More Teacrazy

The politics are getting crazier these days. Here’s one from my former state, from the ignorance of God, ignorance of liberals file. Even after being confronted by constituents, the representative kept with the teacrazy: In an interview Monday on radio … Continue reading

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Another Early Retirement

… and it wasn’t for mentioning “priesthood” and “woman” in the same press interview. I knew that Bishop Daniel Walsh was retiring and Bishop Vasa from north of him was taking over. I didn’t realize it was an early retirement. … Continue reading

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A Money Document, Forthcoming?

Jimmy Mac alerted me to this CNS piece on a possible Vatican document on the relationship between the clergy and the laity, especially as this relationship impacts “administration of the Church’s goods.” Read: money. Several years of study have already … Continue reading

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