Overweight No More

The good counsel of diet coaches is to place a number of goals on the journey of loss. I’ve tried to bolster personal motivation by having several:

    • lose the first pound
    • ten pounds
    • the first belt hole
    • get to 200, my weight on arriving in Kansas City
    • halfway to the goal

And now, I can report I’m no longer overweight. Pretty sure. I have a fairly old scale at home, and it varies a few pounds from my physician’s, but it told me yesterday I hit 188, which is the top of the “normal” range for my height. This calls for a celebration, which means no cheating, of course. But I will prepare my favorite soy mixes from the meal packets. The chocolate stuff.

Meanwhile, I’ll dream of a nice dark ale. Alcohol is strongly discouraged on this diet, and fortunately I’m only an occasional drinker. And maybe I’ll ponder in my mind a nice plate of Chicken Biryani, but with a modest portion.

Thirty-nine off, twenty-six to go.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Overweight No More

  1. crystal says:

    Congrats, Todd :)

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