Confess Or Be Slapped

UCA columnist Fr William Grimm muses about the “recurring case of the idiot priest.” I had not caught this sacramental story from India:

The police said as per the complaint, Father Paul Pulikottil, the Vicar of the nearby Vadookara Little Flower Parish Church, had allegedly slapped the girl on July 9 in the church hall in the presence of several others.

The girl’s father, Biju, who is the president of the Kerala Catholic Youth Movement of the parish unit, said the Vicar had ordered that all children who had received their first Holy Communion, should confess once every three months.

After mass on July 9, the Vicar asked the children if they had followed his orders.
When the girl stood up and admitted that she had not, the angry priest slapped her hard on the cheek, he said.

Alas, that Father Pulikottil and so many others cannot control their passions. Christianity could be more a setting for calm confidence. If a priest cannot control himself with a captive audience of children, what hope does he or the Church have in a large nation in which his faith is a very small minority?

I could tell stories about Fr Grimm’s “recurring case,” but I think I’ll just shake my head, grab a shower, and get to the parish instead.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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