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Funeral Lectionary: John 12:23-28

When a minister works with a grieving family on preparing the funeral liturgy, there are a few distinct approaches when it comes to selecting Scripture readings. Perhaps it is appropriate to find something suggestive of the deceased. The just man … Continue reading

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Ten Points, Stumble on Number 5

Mark Miravalle offered ten points of “just response” to the scandal of the abuse of children and the cover-up of bishops. I note without further comment that as he delves into his points, he gets more wordy. I want to … Continue reading

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Do Addicts Get Off Easy?

Before the comboxes fog with any public misperception of addiction, and for the sake of clarifying my own take on personal responsibility, I offer the 12 Steps with some appropriate links: Step 1 – We admitted we were powerless over … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 8

Except for the last document we examined, LA supercedes Comme Le Prevoit and any other prior legislation on translation: 8. The norms set forth in this Instruction are to be substituted for all norms previously published on the matter, with … Continue reading

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