Things I Do For Love

Long day today. Every summer, I promise the young miss a day at some park of amusement. Today was the day to brave 106 central Iowa HX and smash my brains on roller coasters.

Maintaining my diet was in one way easy and another hard. I’m now at minus 43 pounds in fifty-eight days, so the motivation is present and accounted for. Consuming water was no problem either, obviously. I didn’t need to be encouraged. Went out to the cooler in the trunk of the car for a lunch shake. After all the rc’ing this morning, that was way too rich. Nibbled some bar, guzzled some water.

We got to the park pretty early, though we didn’t open it. We rode the Dragon into the ground until the crowds came. What can you say when there’s nobody ready to take your seat and the ridemaster says you can stay put? There was an hour-plus wait to get into the water sub-park. And we waited in an atrociously long line for our one water ride of the day. Back to the coasters, where lines were not bad at all.

Once I gather and reconfigure my brain, my neck, my stomach, and my back, I’ll help y’all deal with Liturgiam Authenticam and such. Meanwhile, keep cool. I will–I don’t have to go back for amusement till next summer. By which time, perhaps the young miss will have new high school friends or a beau or something. Dad can then taxi said friends to park. Then scoot to a cool bookstore or library where I can use my brain rather than mush it up and fry it under a hat in the hot sun.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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