Instruments Nurture the Praise of God

A sacred music composer of some fame once wrote:

[Holy prophets such as David and Solomon] not only composed psalms and canticles to be sung … but invented musical instruments of diverse kinds within this view, by which the songs could be expressed in multitudinous sounds, so that the listeners, aroused and made adept outwardly, might be nurtured within the forms and qualities of the instruments, as well as by the meaning of the words performed with them.

[I]n accordance with the material composition and the quality of instruments, we can best transform and shape the performance of our inner being towards the praises of the Creator.

Who could this composer be?

Granting the primacy of vocal music (which this composer did not deny) is this a sound approach to instruments in sacred music?

Discuss, if you please.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Instruments Nurture the Praise of God

  1. Percy says:

    Hildegard didn’t name David or Solomon, though; she did name Adam, however.

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