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Calling Names, What’s Acceptable or Not?

A lot of political folk are bitter about the federal battle over deficit budgeting, spending, and the debt ceiling. I can give representatives of Congress and the executive branch the benefit of the doubt that this is hard work. Then … Continue reading

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B16 Hosts Baking Hosts

This piece (found through Religion News Service) answers a few questions I’ve long harbored. What is the maximum output of altar bread of those nice sisters who provide for our liturgies? Twelve sheets of the wafer can be baked in a span of … Continue reading

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An MR3 Question

Here’s a good question for liturgical sticklers: After MR3 is implemented and you are saying or encouraging “And with your spirit” as the correct assembly response to a liturgical greeting at Mass, will you continue “by the book” and respond … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 16

This would be a level of management yet to be seen in a spost-conciliar liturgical document: 16. As regards the decision of the Conference of Bishops for the introduction of a vernacular language into liturgical use, the following are to … Continue reading

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