B16 Hosts Baking Hosts

This piece (found through Religion News Service) answers a few questions I’ve long harbored. What is the maximum output of altar bread of those nice sisters who provide for our liturgies?

Twelve sheets of the wafer can be baked in a span of two minutes. They are left in the open to absorb a bit of moisture overnight to prevent them from cracking when the small, circular wafers are stamped out with a drill-press.

Although the order has not yet come in for the Mass to be celebrated in Berlin’s Olympic stadium, which can hold up to 70,000 people, Sister Theresa did not seem concerned.

“We could make the 70,000 possibly needed for the celebration at the Olympic stadium in a single day of baking,” she said.

I really dislike when they speak of altar bread as “wafer.” But it is–it really lacks the appearance of modern bread. Once, when I was a boy, a friend of my mother’s brought us some uncut sheets of unleavened bread. So, yes, we played Mass with a big rectangle rather than little circles.

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2 Responses to B16 Hosts Baking Hosts

  1. Liam says:

    My favorite matzo is the round shmura matzo traditionally used for the seder. Expensive, charred, and delicious.

    Growing up, we always had matzot around late Lent and Easter – normally, it appears in local grocers around Purim (which is around the second week of Lent in normal years, closer to Easter in Jewish leap years).

  2. RP Burke says:

    And there’s always the old joke: Believing in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist requires believing in two miracles, the second being that it’s really Christ but the first being that it’s really bread.

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