The Female Exodus

The Religion News Service picked up this story today that indicates we may have found a solution to the alleged “feminization” of Christianity. If you can’t get the men involved, just alienate more women to attempt to balance it all out.

Pollster George Barna:

While the genders are far from a state of convergence, the frightening reality for churches is that the people they have relied upon as the backbone of the church can no longer be assumed to be available and willing when needed, as they were in days past.

All of this raises questions about the tenor of church proceedings. Many have noted that the typical Christian church exudes a female vibe, in aspects ranging from type of music to common language to the nature of the primary events. If women become less of a mainstay in what occurs within churches, will ministries respond by increasing the male-friendliness of the proceedings? As women become less front-and-center, will men be pressured to upgrade their church involvement?

I know the masculine vibe has been a big-time turn-off for many of my women peers over the past twenty years. Many of my college friends no longer go to Mass. I don’t think it has all that much to do with liberal women necessarily growing alienated by institutional religion. I’ve known many priests on the liberal side who just couldn’t deal with women. The list: lack of respect, inappropriateness, social awkwardness, intimidation, not to mention sexual predation–spans all ideologies.

What do you think of Mr Barna’s questions? How would you answer? What would be your own questions about his findings? What are you seeing in your own local church?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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