Steering Clear

Except for LA, posting here has been rather light here the past few weeks. Some of that was my conference. But I’ll also suggest that the late stories coming out of the blogosphere and the Catholic internet in general have been dispiriting. To say the least. Like here. Or here.

As I get older, I find I have less stomach for what seemed to fuel my stomach years ago. Or what seems to be common table fare for many of the Catholic bloggers these days. This kind of stuff is pretty exciting talk over coffee and a donut in the church hall. Otherwise, perhaps this rara avis blogger has a better set of notions, though there’s no accounting for the light reply population.

Maybe I would have been interested in the general liturgical news of interest, like this one, even as recently as a few months ago. But even this sort of thing grows boring.

One of the episodes that I’ve been following with interest, but with very little enthusiasm, is the ongoing saga in my old diocese. Did the predator priest get too liberal a pass from his bishop and continue on the prowl? At this point, who cares? We’ve seen enough from the players there to get the measure of the men involved. Does it matter to me if a bishop resigns, goes to jail, or continues in an embattled and discredited ministry? I’d still consider him an improvement on his predecessor–and what does that tell you about the state of affairs in the episcopacy.

Far more interesting these days is science. A sun pillar. A peek into a Martian cave. Wonders of the universe, not human-made edifices that topple.

Meanwhile, I’ve joined the local astronomy club. I’m getting prepared for my musical. The students have hit town in force. Real ministry and real life beckons. Hopefully for you readers, too.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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8 Responses to Steering Clear

  1. Todd, you’re such a loveable lib. Y’know why? Nothing to do with the always insightful observations or the lovely glimpses of your family.
    It’s that silly graphic with the Honda steering wheel!
    You’re so….so…so…..efficient.
    Love ya, Bro.

  2. Stephen Obarski says:

    I’d still consider him an improvement on his predecessor–

    Todd, It is unfortunate that your experience of Bishop Boland was such that you’d make a statement like that. My years of working with him and for him were the golden years of my ministerial life, and even with his quirks and eccentricities, I look at his tenure with admiration. I can also assure you that had he been the Ordinary when the Superintendent of Schools received the letter from a school principal describing Fr. Ratigan’s behavior, he would have expected that letter to be in his hand within a day, if not within an hour.
    Any delay in immediate action on the part of his leadership team would have provoked him, and we all knew that.

    • Todd says:

      Hi Steve, I hope you and Alice are doing well back East.

      Yes, I know many remember Bishop Boland fondly, and I appreciate that. I arrived in Kansas City near the end of his days there, and I’m afraid I can’t quite get a very ugly incident out of my mind. Plus, he had little liturgical sensitivity, as far as I could discern.

      Bishop Finn is naive and inexperienced, and is a headhunter in the worse sense of that term.

      Kansas City is a great community and a talented spirit-filled diocese. If only they could score a real bishop.

      • Stephen Obarski says:

        Actually, as his MC, I found him to be a fine and well prepared presider, who actually allowed for some degree of creativity. It is really a shame you never got to know Bishop Boland’s “best self”.
        In my estimation, he was a “real bishop”.
        It is unfortunate for many of us (and I definitely include myself here) that we are most remembered for what we were not, and not for what we were.

        I am enjoying your blog, Todd.

  3. leefstrong says:

    Speaking of blogs, after much waffling, I finally did shut View from the choir down. I’ve been hired at a school where the students will be computer savvy and it was not wise to keep my views out there in public.

  4. Todd says:

    You only have to worry about the Internet Wayback Machine

  5. crystal says:

    I hope you keep posting, Todd. So many of the bloggers I used to visit have quit, and I really enjoy your blog.

  6. Todd says:

    I’m not really close to quitting, mind you. It’s more than I feel less inclined these days to comment deeply on what seems to interest other bloggers.

    I’m still opinionated and inclined to tart comments. The former is part of my God-given personality. The latter, well … comes out perhaps more often than it should. Let’s leave it at that.

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