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The Thirty-Fourth Doctor

… is John of Avila. Not terribly well-known, especially outside of Spain. The pope speaks: I invite everyone to look to St. John of Avila and I commend to his intercession the bishops of Spain and those of the whole … Continue reading

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The Long Shadow of Bill Morris

Bishop Bill Morris casts a long shadow down under. Toowoomba Catholics, ticked off their bishop was ousted, have sent their missives to 1,369 Australian parishes. (S)ome bishops, including Canberra Archbishop Mark Coleridge, have told parish priests not to distribute the … Continue reading

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The Wrong Voice for the New Evangelization

Philadelphia’s new archbishop has gotten some notice for his “catechesis” at WYD. at the Bench, Deacon Greg peeled off a snippet from his chat with young people. It confirms why I think he’s the wrong sort of bishop to be … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Matthew 14:22-33

During his homily at yesterday’s wedding, the pastor remarked that in his twenty-three years as a priest, it was the first time this reading appeared as a choice of a bride and groom: After he had fed the people, Jesus … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 34-36

Sections 34 through 45 will treat the issues of translating a Lectionary. With all the attention Roman Missal 3 is getting, even fewer Catholics are aware that a full-scale revision of the Lectionary is in process as we speak. Another … Continue reading

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