Liturgiam Authenticam 37

The new vulgate edition is the standard for a Lectionary translation:

37. If the biblical translation from which the Lectionary is composed exhibits readings that differ from those set forth in the Latin liturgical text, it should be borne in mind that the Nova Vulgata Editio is the point of reference as regards the delineation of the canonical text.[Cf. COUNCIL OF TRENT, Session IV, 8 April 1546, De libris sacris et de traditionibus recipiendis, and De vulgata editione Bibliorum et de modo interpretandi s. Scripturarum : Denz.–Schönm., nn. 1501-1508 ; POPE JOHN PAUL II, Apost. Const. Scripturarum thesaurus, 25 April 1979: AAS 71 (1979) 558-559.] Thus, in the translation of the deuterocanonical books and wherever else there may exist varying manuscript traditions, the liturgical translation must be prepared in accordance with the same manuscript tradition that the Nova Vulgata has followed. If a previously prepared translation reflects a choice that departs from that which is found in the Nova Vulgata Editio as regards the underlying textual tradition, the order of verses, or similar factors, the discrepancy needs to be remedied in the preparation of any Lectionary so that conformity with the Latin liturgical text may be maintained. In preparing new translations, it would be helpful, though not obligatory, that the numbering of the verses also follow that of the same text as closely as possible.

Just as a curiosity, how many know when the books of the Bible were divided into chapters and numbered?

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  1. Liam says:

    For a discussion of the decision to use the New Vulgate as the point of reference:

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