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My hometown hosted two playoff games in fútbol over the past weekend. The young miss and I watched the televised one. I caught the internet results of the other. One involved women. The other, men. One was, granted, a match for a playoff title with the world’s top athletes. The other a measly semi-final. Local sportswriter Bob Matthews:

After a run of losing baseball and hockey seasons, Rochester fans appreciated a winning team loaded with world-class athletes. It didn’t hurt that the Flash were an offensive-minded team that even non-soccer fans could appreciate.

An impressive crowd of 10,461 watched the Flash beat the Philadelphia Independence in the WPS championship game Saturday afternoon at Sahlen’s Stadium. Only 3,598 watched the Rhinos lose 2-1 to Harrisburg in the USL Pro League semifinals the night before.

Still, it’s bold that women (first-year team) would outdraw men (a 17-year franchise) by almost a three-to-one margin in the same city on the same weekend.

You know: I love this sport. It was my favorite to play as a young lad. I went to a number of pro games in the 70’s while growing up and when I was in college. In the last decade, my family and I have attended two 0-0 draws. As a fan, I’m not excited (particularly) about driving 250 miles down the road to sit in $35 seats and see a lot of nothing happen on the field.

But I’d have to ponder a road trip with the young miss to see this game. Even if it is a friendly. The obstacle isn’t a 0-0 draw. It’s the birthday of the other lady of the household. She might come along for the sport of it, but I think we’d need to visit a really nice restaurant before kickoff.

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  1. Lee says:

    And, of course, Rochester is home to Abby Wambach, which has helped to spur interest in women’s soccer here. Her team – she was the player coach of the magic-Jack squad – lost to Philadelphia in the semis. She showed up for the championship game even though her team was not in it and spent an hour signing autographs. I’m back at Mercy, and she may be coming to spend an entire day at the school before the Olympic team begins working out and playing international games. It’s good you can share soccer with the “young miss.”

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