Liturgiam Authenticam 57-58

The next few sections, 57 through 62, will address “Syntax, style and literary genre.” Given the fussiness observed in the English MR3 text, especially the presider’s prayers, we might well ask if LA 57 is being considered at all.

57. That notable feature of the Roman Rite, namely its straightforward, concise and compact manner of expression, is to be maintained insofar as possible in the translation. Furthermore, the same manner of rendering a given expression is to be maintained throughout the translation, insofar as feasible. These principles are to be observed:

  • a) The connection between various expressions, manifested by subordinate and relative clauses, the ordering of words, and various forms of parallelism, is to be maintained as completely as possible in a manner appropriate to the vernacular language.
  • b) In the translation of terms contained in the original text, the same person, number, and gender is to be maintained insofar as possible.
  • c) The theological significance of words expressing causality, purpose or consequence (such as ut, ideo, enim, and quia) is to be maintained, though different languages may employ varying means for doing so.
  • d) The principles set forth above, in n. 51, regarding variety of vocabulary, are to be observed also in the variety of syntax and style (for example, in the location within the Collect of the vocative addressed to God).

58. The literary and rhetorical genres of the various texts of the Roman Liturgy are to be maintained.[GIRM 392]

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