There is a danger in the spiritual life about asking for something: you may well get it. And get it in abundance.

Several days ago, I was having a chat with a good friend who, like I am, is an adoptive parent. We had met for a different purpose altogether and we ended up talking about our experiences of with raising adolescent children. One of the main sub-topics was sarcasm–how teens hate it, and how it is absolutely counterproductive to good parenting, not to mention Christianity. Is it really a problem? I mused. So I started to watch for it. I wasn’t home fifteen minutes that night before it came out. Si I figured I’d better ask God for a closer look on this. Did I get one!

My struggle with sarcasm has applications in the blogosphere, but I’m far more concerned about it as a parent. So I set to watching it last week. And it’s not been a good time for me, let me confess. The things that emerge from my mouth when I’m watching! Good heavens, what’s coming out when I’m not paying attention?! Makes me want to engrave Psalm 141:3 on my inner eyelids:

Set a guard, LORD, before my mouth, keep watch over the door of my lips.

God has been very good about a number of things lately: the grace to reduce weight, to renew my practice of lectio, finishing my musical. It seems to be a good time to attend to my emotional and inner life, especially on the point of sarcasm.

Liam once observed my blogobehavior is often a reflection on my surroundings. I think he meant it (correct me if I err here) that I sometimes behave on conservative sites as I see conservatives themselves act. A subtle sarcasm, but probably something I should strive to be rid of also.

In my lectio earlier today, I struggled with Judges 3:1-11. I admitted I don’t like the book. I don’t like tests. I don’t like warfare–though I don’t mind struggle. And I don’t like that word staring at me in the text: anger. But I suspect more surprises will be revealed to me in this journey through pre-Kingdom Israel. Like my own passions and negative emotions, I may not like them. But I will have to deal with them.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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