Liturgiam Authenticam 66-67

Lastly in our tour of liturgical texts, “The ‘Praenotanda’ and the texts of a rubrical or juridical nature.” Let’s read two sections today:

66. All parts of the various liturgical books are to be translated in the same order in which they are set forth in the Latin text of the editio typica, including the institutiones generales, the praenotanda, and the instructions supplied in the various rites, which function as a support for the whole structure of the Liturgy.[ Sacrosanctum Concilium 63b; S. CONGR. FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, Decl. De interpretationibus popularibus novorum textuum liturgicorum, 15 September 1969: Notitiae 5 (1969) 333-334.] The distinction between the various liturgical roles and the designation of the liturgical ministers by their proper titles is to be maintained in the translation precisely as it is in the rubrics of the editio typica, maintaining due regard for the principles mentioned in n. 50c above.[Cf. CONGR. FOR THE CLERGY et al., Instr. Ecclesiae de mysterio, 15 August 1997, art. 1-3, 6-12: AAS 89 (1997) 861-865, 869-874.]

67. Wherever such praenotanda or other texts of the editiones typicae explicitly call for adaptations or specific applications to be introduced by the Conferences, as for example the parts of the Missal that are to be defined more specifically by the Conference of Bishops,[GIRM 389] it is permissible to insert these prescriptions into the text, provided that they have received the recognitio of the Apostolic See. It is not required in such cases, by their very nature, to translate these parts verbatim as they stand in the editio typica. Nevertheless, a mention is to be made of the decree of approbation of the Conference of Bishops and of the recognitio granted by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.


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