Cast Nearly Complete

My musical director and I had a good, long week auditioning people for Tobit: The Path of Virtue. We have nearly a complete cast, and a few days to pick up a Tobiah, and a few people for supporting roles. I also need to locate an artistic director once the music is learned and known. Otherwise, most all the staff is complete. If you’re in Iowa 12-13 November, stop by my church and enjoy one of our performances.

It’s been a little worrisome, but mostly exciting. I can’t imagine doing this alone. My friend David has been a godsend as a partner in this project. He has a great talent, plus a gentle spirit that should make this an enjoyable experience for all. One young woman was very, very nervous, and he put her at ease, “We’re just two mellow guys looking for talent to fit the parts. Relax.” And she did. She commented it was the easiest audition experience she ever had. I’d like to keep them coming back. Four other projects are in various stages of conception. I could see myself doing one a year for a long time. There’s no lack of ideas.

Then I remind myself: stay focused. Get through the one in front of you, first.

My friend Crystal has that image of a Jan Steen painting up on one of her blog posts from a few years ago. I found some fascinating anime images here. I have a fine local artist doing original work for the posters and publicity, however.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Cast Nearly Complete

  1. crystal says:

    Thanks for the link, Todd. I really like the Book of Tobit – where else can you get an angel, a demon, and a dog all in one story? :)

  2. Todd says:

    Don’t forget a goat, a political coup, and an employer who gives you 50% of his gross revenue.

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