Liturgiam Authenticam 68-69

More on the praenotandae, mainly publication instructions from the curia:

68. At the beginning of the vernacular editions are to be placed the decrees by which the editiones typicae have been promulgated by the competent Dicastery of the Apostolic See, with due regard for the prescriptions found in n. 78. Also to be placed there are the decrees by means of which the recognitio of the Holy See has been granted for the translations, or at least the mention of the recognitio is to be made together with the date, month, year, and protocol number of the decree issued by the Dicastery. Since these are also historical documents, the names of the Dicasteries or other organ of the Apostolic See are to be translated exactly as they appeared on the date of promulgation of the document, rather than being altered to reflect the present name of the same or equivalent body.

69. The editions of the liturgical books prepared in the vernacular language are to correspond in every part to the titles, the ordering of texts, the rubrics, and the system of numbering that appears in the editio typica, unless otherwise directed in the praenotanda of the same books. Furthermore, any additions approved by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments are to be inserted either in a supplement or appendix, or in their proper place in the book, as the Apostolic See shall have directed.

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