The Mayor and the Non-Invited

Some NYC Catholic bloggers (here and especially here) are banging the drum on the no-clergy-speeches-edict at the 9/11 memorial tomorrow. Recognizing that I was driving six miles below Air Force One on that day, and not near the targets of attacks, I don’t get the level of angst about this. It seems like a local political decision, and that, by a wealthy politician who walked around the rules about term limits. New Yorkers elected him regardless. If you don’t like him or his decisions, vote him out in 2013. Can you recall him? It sure sounds serious enough to look into it.

The only local politics that interest me are in my own locality. I can’t perceive this as more than local politics, though with a good dollop of symbolism for the country and for religious people.

I’m aware one of the foundation stones of St Blog’s is 9/11.

Yet I’m surprised at the venom staining the mayor’s $7000 suit.

I think it can be argued that clergy wouldn’t be out of place at the 9/11 memorial, even if they weren’t invited to speak. It might be that in a city the size of New York, there might need to be a lot of folks invited: Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Evangelical, Muslim … Does it get to be a headache deciding which? Especially that last category? I can see somebody shrugging it off and deciding it’s a lot simpler, venom included, to just junk the whole idea.

Don’t know what’s wrong with Sunday evening Vespers at the cathedral, or at a bunch of other churches. And if Mayor Bloomberg gets to make this call, people are free to disinvite themselves and go elsewhere, right? The guy campaigned for a third term on the premise that a businessman was needed to lead people out of an economic crisis, right? Nothing religious about that, except maybe worshiping at the altar of mammon.

Or maybe there’s some bigger reason I’m missing. If so, let me know.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to The Mayor and the Non-Invited

  1. Liam says:

    I think the sacrifice of a textured vegetable protein in the shape of a young bull on the steps of the Federal Hall National Memorial on Wall Street, catty corner from the NYSE, would be the most appropriate religious rite to epitomize this nation’s vector in the last decade. Let the People say, “Mission Accomplished!”.

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