Litany for Wednesday

I thought I’d share a piece composed for a parish liturgy last year. It seems appropriate for Wednesday’s observance. I adapted the melody from an alleluia in BFW for the September 14th feast:

Somewhere in my files is Litany I, but I never put it into my music software. And as I scanned this and threw it up on this post, I saw a parallel fifth I’d rather avoid, plus the octave hooking back to the invocation. Oh well. If you want to use it, just change the accompaniment.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to Litany for Wednesday

  1. Todd, I wonder if the syllabic emphasis of CRU-cem is somewhat diminished by the “per” essentially occuring on the strong beat after the preceding cadence. As it is the common response to the invocation, couldn’t the “per” be an anacrucis on the other side of the bar line? The accompaniment doesn’t seem an impediment to that.
    “per/ CRU-cem SAL-va- nos (2 beats) CHRI-ste (CHRI could actually be a half?)

  2. Todd says:

    Sounds like an improvement to me. I won’t have the opportunity to use it this year, but I will edit it for future use.

  3. I think we should name our guild “The League of Agreeable Chaps.”

  4. Todd says:

    Just watch out for the LAC-tose intolerant …

  5. Running amuckraking through the intertube weblogs!

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