Which Is My Song, Your Song?

Blogging from the Bench, Deacon Greg reports on the post-Communion song of thanksgiving last night.

This might be a better choice, but it probably wouldn’t get the standing-O.

Suppose you were limited to the Psalter. Which would you choose?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to Which Is My Song, Your Song?

  1. Randolph Nichols says:

    Our 11 a.m. Mass today was labeled “Mass of Remembrance to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.” Before the Mass began there was an honor guard from the local police and fire departments. After their procession into the church the national anthem was robustly sung by choir and congregation (with words printed in the program). I was skeptical when I first read the program, but considering the solemnity of the occasion and the fact that the anthem was sung before the entrance hymn its inclusion did not seem out of place.

    Why a parish would place the anthem after communion, however, and then follow it with applause is not only inexplicable but tacky beyond measure.

  2. deacongreg says:

    Randolph …

    I can’t explain why that particular music was chosen, or why it was placed at that point in the liturgy.

    But I can say that the applause was unplanned. People just broke into clapping at the end.

    But yeah, I’m with you: I could have done without all that — or at least done what your parish did, which was much more appropriate.

    Deacon Greg
    “The Deacon’s Bench”

  3. Liam says:


    I felt the color guard and anthem smacked too much of pomp and pageant, rather than aptly grave, for the occasion. Ditto the fanfares on God of Our Fathers.

  4. We opted for the implicit, obvious choices that stemmed from both propers and lectionary readings, including the FINLANDIA hymn at dismissal.
    Two brief anecdotes, re. this weekend’s repertoire options:
    *After the Saturday Vigil at our new (fourth) parish facility, we were almost finished packing up, and a Latino gentleman, whom I recognized and think is a teacher, came up and thanked me earnestly for the choices, particularly “This is my song..” In talking about how serious he was. Wendy I wondered if his deep appreciation perhaps stemmed from an assumption that we’d naturally have programmed a patriotic hymn, specific to the USA. Who knows? But I remember, as we sang, a feeling of affirmation that this text fit the moment precisely.
    *It was “Deacon preach Sunday.” Our senior deacon folded in FINLANDIA lyric and the famous prayer of St. Francis into his homily seamlessly. He also alluded to the proper “Give us peace, O God” and the theme of “always mercy in the Lord” which is captured so well in Joncas’ song. We also used the SEP Introit/Communio at this particular Mass inwhich next years RCIA discerners were received. Again, I thought that during this Mass, the catechumen/candidates, along with the congregation were afforded a whole “tapestry” of musical/textual expressions worshipping and thanking God for His Word of hope and reconciliation.
    The Masses this weekend had the resonance I usually associate with Thanksgiving Day, Holy Thursday, daily Masses and other “intentional” days, except that it was a Sunday Ordinary Time. Why don’t we recognize this grace every Sunday, for every Sunday is the Nativity, the Passion and the Resurrection? In any case, I’m grateful to be RC.

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