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Liturgy of the Word Do-Over

On facebook I heard from a friend from my Michigan State days (1993-95). What do you make of this experience from the Sunday before last? I am teaching for a year in France and today at Ste Jeanne d’Arc church … Continue reading

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General Directory for Catechesis: An Outline

The General Directory for Catechesis is upon us, ready or not. Fair warning: five parts, plus an introduction, 16 chapters, 291 numbered sections, and over 56,000 words. I would expect a few hundred posts in this series, something to take us well … Continue reading

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Multiple Motivations

As people feel free to inquire about my weight loss (diet, disease, or what?) I’ve had some opportunities to share my own motivations for losing weight. I’ve also heard other people who have spoken with me about the possibility of … Continue reading

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If Not Joy, Then Unity

Günther Simmermacher, editor of South Africa’s Catholic medium, The Southern Cross, offers a reasoned, balanced editorial. His nation’s bishops never received the “don’t implement yet” letter the other sets of English-speaking bishops got. So they’ve had the English MR3 for … Continue reading

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Marriages and Recognized Relationships

An Australian priest in Queensland seems to have sorted out the separate issues in the matter of same-sex unions and marriage. Church marriage for heterosexual couples only, and civil unions otherwise: I’ve got no problem with people wanting their relationships … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 81-83

The CDWDS outlines procedures. Not terribly theological, but we’ll take three sections in a gulp today nonetheless: 81. The recognitio granted by the Apostolic See is to be indicated in the printed editions together with the concordat cum originali signed … Continue reading

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