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Another Day, Another Antigospel

The funeral planner brought back the report to me. The widow had asked, “Do we really need to offer the cup at his funeral? I never take from it. Most people don’t either.” But then at the funeral dinner, my … Continue reading

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GDC 3: Praising Bishops, Conferences, and a Pope

Let’s note good work, suggests the Congregation of Bishops: 3. The Magisterium of the Church, throughout these years, has never ceased to exercise its pastoral solicitude for catechesis. Numerous Bishops and Episcopal Conferences in all parts of the world have … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 87-90

Let’s go with four sections that don’t seem to say a whole lot. First, one language, one translation: 87. It is recommended that there be a single translation of the liturgical books for each vernacular language, brought about by means … Continue reading

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