Liturgiam Authenticam 92-93

A “mixed” commission operates across the boundaries of national conferences. Numbered sections 92 through 105 address the CDWDS’s legislation on these. Today, let’s just tackle the first two:

92. So that there might be unity in the liturgical books even as regards vernacular translations, and so that the resources and the efforts of the Church might not be consumed needlessly, the Apostolic See has promoted, among other possible solutions, the establishment of “mixed” commissions, that is, those in whose work several Conferences of Bishops participate.[ Cf. CONSILIUM “FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY”, Letter of the President, 16 October 1964: Notitiae 1 (1965) 195; POPE PAUL VI, Address to translators of liturgical texts into vernacular languages, 10 November 1965: AAS 57 (1965) 969; S. CONGR. FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, Norms De unica interpretatione textuum liturgicorum, 6 February 1970: Notitiae 6 (1970) 84-85.]

93. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments erects such “mixed” commissions at the request of the Conferences of Bishops involved; afterwards the commission is governed by statutes approved by the Apostolic See.[Inter Oecumenici, 23; Code of Canon Law, cann. 94, 117, 120; Cf. POPE JOHN PAUL II, Apost. Const. Pastor Bonus, 28 June 1988, art. 65: AAS 80 (1988) 877.] It is ordinarily to be hoped that each and every one of the Conferences of Bishops will have deliberated the matter of the above-mentioned establishment of the commission as well as of the composition of its statutes before the petition is submitted to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Even so, if it is judged opportune by that Dicastery due to the great number of Conferences, or the protracted period of time required for a vote, or particular pastoral necessity, it is not excluded that the statutes be prepared and approved by the same Dicastery, after consultation, insofar as possible, with at least some of the Bishops involved.

Comments have been light lately. For me too. Are we losing interest?


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