Liturgiam Authenticam 94-98

Some parameters for the “mixed” commission:

94. A “mixed” commission, by its very nature, provides assistance to the Bishops rather than substituting for them as regards their pastoral mission and their relations with the Apostolic See.[ Cf. Pope John Paul II, Apost. Letter Apostolos suos, 21 May 1998, nn. 18-19] For a “mixed” commission does not constitute a tertium quid place between the Conferences of Bishops and the Holy See, nor is it to be regarded as a means of communication between them. The Members of the Commission are always Bishops, or at least those equivalent in law to Bishops. It pertains to the Bishops, furthermore, to direct the Commission as its Members.

95. It would be advantageous that among the Bishops who participate in the work of each “mixed” commission, there be at least some who are responsible for dealing with liturgical matters in their respective Conferences, as, for example, the chairman of the liturgical commission of the Conference.

Of course, when Bishop Trautman chaired the BCL, note he wasn’t given an invite to Vox Clara.

96. Such a commission, in fact, insofar as possible, should exercise its office by means of the resources of the liturgical commissions of the individual Conferences involved, using their experts, their technical resources, and their secretarial staff. For example, the work undertaken is coordinated in such a way that a first draft of the translation is prepared by the liturgical commission of one Conference and then improved by the other Conferences, even in light of the diversity of expression prevailing in the same language in the individual territories.

Hence, Msgr Moroney.

97. It is preferable that at least some Bishops participate at the various stages of work on a given text, until the time when the mature text is submitted to the Plenary Assembly of the Conference of Bishops for its examination and approval and is then sent immediately by the Conference President, with the signature also of the Secretary General, to the Apostolic See for the recognitio.

98. In addition, the “mixed” commissions are to limit themselves to the translation of the editiones typicae, leaving aside all theoretical questions not directly related to this work, and not involving themselves either in relations with other “mixed” commissions or in the composition of original texts.


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