GDC 8: Outline

Here’s what’s ahead of us, as we saw in my post last week that recounted the outline. GDC 8 gives some details behind all the headings:

8. The General Directory for Catechesis, while retaining the basic structure of that of 1971, is divided as follows:

– The Introduction takes its starting point from faith and trust in the power of the Gospel seed, and proposes guidelines for interpreting and understanding human and ecclesial conditions. These are intended to assist mission.

– Part One (Corresponds to Part II of the GCD) has three chapters and roots catechesis above all in the conciliar Constitution Dei Verbum, placing it in the context of evangelization as seen in Evangelii Nuntiandi and Catechesi Tradendae, and proposes, moreover, to clarify the nature of catechesis;

– Part Two (It has the same objectives of Part III to the GCD) contains two chapters, the first of which, under the title Norms and Criteria for presenting the Gospel message in Catechesis, puts forward afresh the entire content of the corresponding chapter of the previous text from a new and enriched perspective; the second chapter, which is completely new, serves to present the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a reference point for the transmission of the faith in catechesis and for the preparation of catechisms at local level; this chapter also outlines those fundamental principles to be employed in the redaction of catechisms in particular and local Churches;

– Part Three (Corresponds to Part IV of the GCD) has also been revised to formulate the main elements of a pedagogy of the faith inspired by divine pedagogy; while this question is primarily a theological one, it also involves the human sciences;

– Part Four (Corresponds to Part V of the GCD of 1971. While several significant reasons would suggest that this section should precede that on pedagogy, however, given the new form of Part Three it is preferred to maintain the same order as that in the 1971 text. This underlines that attention to those to whom catechesis is directed is a participation in and a consequence of this same divine pedagogy, this Acondescenion of God in the history of Salvation (DV 13) of his self adaptation in revelation to the human condition.) is entitled Those to be catechized; in five short chapters attention is given to the diverse situations and contexts of those to whom catechesis is directed, to matters arising from socio-religious situations, and in particular, to the question of inculturation;

– Part Five (Assumes all the elements of Paul VI of the GCD) focuses on the centrality of the particular Church and on its primordial duty to promote, organize, oversee and co-ordinate all catechetical activities; of particular significance is the description of the roles proper to the various agents involved in catechesis (who, of course, are always dependent on the Pastors of the particular Churches) and of the requirements necessary for their respective formation;

– The Conclusion advocates an intensification of catechetical activity in our times, and concludes with an appeal to faith in the action of the Holy Spirit and in the efficacy of the word of God sown in love.

We’ll get to each of these in turn. If you’re counting off the section numbers and the days, here’s the rundown:

  • Introduction (GDC 13-33)
  • Part One (GDC 34-91)
  • Part Two (GDC 92-136)
  • Part Three (GDC 137-162)
  • Part Four (GDC 163-214)
  • Part Five (GDC 215-285)
  • Conclusion (GDC 286-291)

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