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Blindness To The Opportunity, The Charity, The Grace

I still get a strong vibe on the cognitive disconnect in adoption discussions in some pro-life circles. On a recent St Blog’s thread, someone didn’t like my insinuation that the tendency to adopt infants is a sign that parents see … Continue reading

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GDC 15: “Behold! A sower going out to sow”

For the bulk of this directory, the Congregation for the Clergy has provided headings about every numbered section or two. I’ll be grouping and subtitling posts accordingly. Today’s section leads off with a quote from Mark 4:3, and the parable … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 109

Section IV treats the issues connected with the actual publication of liturgical books. The first of seventeen numbered sections: 109. Of the liturgical books of the Roman Rite containing only Latin texts, only the one published by decree of the … Continue reading

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