GDC 17: “The field that is the world”

This short section is almost overwhelmed by the footnotes from catechetical and social justice documents of the post-conciliar years. Why social justice? Read it, and there will be more tomorrow:

17. The Church, Mother of mankind, above all, sees with profound sorrow “an innumerable multitude of men and women, children, adults and old people and unique human beings, who suffer misery”.(Sollicitudo Rei Socialis 13b; cf. Evangelii Nuntiandi 30)

By means of catechesis, in which due emphasis is given to her social teaching, the Church (Cf. Catechesi Tradendae 29) desires to stir Christian hearts “to the cause of justice” (Sollicitudo Rei Socialis 41, cf. 1971 Documents of The Synod of Bishops, II: “Justice in the world” (30 Nov. 1971), III, “The struggle for justice”: AAS 43 (1971), pp. 935-937; and Libertatis Conscientia 77) and to a “preferential option or love for the poor”,(Sollicitudo Rei Socialis 41. Cf. Christifedeles Laici 42; Tertio Millennio Adveniente 51; Catechism 2444-2448) so that her presence may really be light that shines and salt that cures.

The Church wants to stir the hearts of believers. This is not news. But theological information does not exist only for its own end–the gathering and retention of knowledge. The clear intent is that believers will be prepared for the realities of the world, and be moved to address those needs. The uncited Scriptural allusion at the end of this section is part of Jesus’ own “catechism,” the Sermon on the Mount.

Being a disciple is more than knowing–it’s also about doing.

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