Liturgiam Authenticam 114-115

On rights, not rites:

114. The right of translating the liturgical books of the Roman Rite in a vernacular language, or at least the right of approving them for liturgical use and of printing and publishing them in their own territory, remains uniquely that of the Conference of Bishops, with due regard, however, to the rights of recognitio[Cf. Code of Canon Law, can. 838 § 3] and the proprietary rights of the Apostolic See, also set forth in this Instruction.

115. As regards the publication of liturgical books translated into the vernacular which are the property of a given Conference of Bishops, the right of publication is reserved to those editors to whom the Conference of Bishops shall have given this right by contract, with due regard for the requirements both of civil law and of juridical custom prevailing in each country for the publication of books.

My friend Jeffrey Tucker will nod in disapproval, no doubt. This is the one “upgrade” from Comme Le Prevoit–the designation of rights and ownership of the liturgical texts, and the “due regard” for the rule of civil law and national ownership customs. CLP 42 speaks of the recovery of costs, but does not make adherence to copyright (or other) law an explicit item of church legislation.

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