Churches For Sale–Cheap!

Three Catholic church buildings for sale in Canada: a dollar apiece. Here’s the ad:

If an acceptable proposal is received, the Diocese of London will transfer said property (ies) to the successful proposer for $1 (one dollar)

The purchaser won’t be able to demolish or strip any of the buildings (Our Lady of the Rosary, imaged on the right) to comply with the Ontario Heritage Act. The London diocese will insist you sign an agreement not to turn these buildings into abortion clinics or nightclubs. Unknown if they think CtA would constitute inappropriate use.

I wonder how the Church would plan to remain in compliance with the OHA if nobody buys the buildings and they continue to fall into disrepair. It’s one thing to have a developer come in and raze a “heritage” structure. But through inaction, these buildings will eventually crumble into streetside rubble.

Check the photo in the link at the top. OLHR is sure an impressive sight with its twin towers and double staircase. Nice view of the Detroit River.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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12 Responses to Churches For Sale–Cheap!

  1. Minister Peter says:

    I am curious if the church is in operational order? I would be willing to accomidate the historical artifacts of the church but would be using it for non-demonomination Christian ministry… I am looking a present for over a dozen churches throughout the North East USA. Canada would be a bit of a stretch but I would be interested if the price is right. VR, Minister Peter

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am very interested in purchasing a church not only for my humble needs as a resident but to also allow the community to continually enjoy it. I have $300; am a classically trained soprano, teach voice to my students, have 4 lovely cats. Do know that seriously, my references are available to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Best regards and thank you,
    Donna Galloway-Chung

  3. gina petrelli says:

    I live in Toronto, Ontario with my husband, we are looking to move away from the city for our retirement years and have always wanted to live in an old church.

  4. Eduard says:

    To whom it may concern, My name is Eduard. I find this offer rather interesting. I would convert this piece of real-estate into the best sporting educational facility in the world. The building possesses history, great character and with an educational fusion this could gain recognition worldwide…in no time. To be teaching, delivering and practicing a high quality content you most certainly need a facility which will cosign with that as well.

  5. H says:

    How silly, especially coming from the Catholic churches past abominations of countless undisclosed child rape. Sell them like any other piece of real estate, stop playing holier than thou!

    • Judy Legacy says:

      Dear H,
      \You well know not all judges or police offices for that matter are just either -FYI- but one bad apple doesn’t always spoil the whole lot; criminals are found in all walks of life and in the most unlike’ places; speaking of which, the church however, is uniquely a hollowed dwelling for the purpose of God’s awesome presence, that evil creeps in, is sadly unfortunate to say the least but we are all called to live in grace and loving peace – Romans 12:18 the difference is elementary and basically a spiritual one
      bottom line:
      to offer God a place of worship is no trivial matter and it is just as important to maintain its original intentions of dedication as well as its integrity and holy consecration.

  6. Atheist Max says:

    Churches should become performing arts centers. Even the ones which have not closed yet – since that is what they are already.

  7. I am a 33 year pastor and evangelist would use the church traditional christian church services and will bring it to its original condition. The Church should stay a church, not a house, not daycare, etc, etc. etc. +1-408-622-1287

  8. Judy Legacy says:

    I love the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and believe living in such a sacred place amongst the beauty of the perfectly depicted art on the stained glassed windows and the brilliance of the filter light that infuses the atmosphere and creating a divine ambiance, which is a continual inspiration in and of itself and also coupled by the very knowledge that worship, prayer, praise and the preaching of God’s Holy Word has permanently permeated every surface and lingers as in the very air as a precious reminder to me just exactly who is in charge of my life and this world we live in. I would consider it and undeniable privilege to established it as my residential habitation. it would most definitely help me to set my affection on the things above Col.3:2 as well as keep my mind stay on God who promises to keep those who do, to be kept in perfect peace by Him, Isa.26:3.
    Ever Growing in God’s Abounding Grace, .J.B.L

  9. Judy Legacy says:

    comment is incomplete: see wording on line 6 beginning with -… ‘ lingers as’ a sweet sounding melody to my subconscious as well as a sweet smelling saviour, which is fragrant in the nostrils’ of the Living God…. The very idea excite and appeals to me greatly.
    I can only image the joy of waking up in such a place as this each new day; a bit of heaven on earth to me indeed.

  10. Judy Legacy says:

    greetings in Christ our Risen Saviour,
    I was actively looking for an old stone church with stained glass windows when I came across this ad.
    however, I see now, 5 years have transpired since the site was first promoted. Is it even possible that any are still available?
    …for I can very well imagine that even in the deepest silence, the walls whispering in a reverent holy hush, ‘be still and strain to listen to the rafters echo eternal hallelujahs and joyful shouts of praise to the Ancient of days”. Such glory, I wish solely to be mine, to awaken in the morning only to still find, I am not in fact dreaming, yes I live in a habitation so divine.
    please reply if anyone knows of any leads

  11. Byron A Ashby says:

    My name is Byron Ashby. I see myself bringing life for father GOD. He tells me where I need to be. Jesus is very strong. His power comes from his disciples. The thrown which is for the blood of true children of Our Father, is a place of chosen owner that has the same spirit flowing thru our veins. Without u we will not behold the lite of our Lord.

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