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Difficulty With Loss

My sister-in-law asked me to go through my brother’s desk on my next visit to their house. Yesterday was the visit and in the afternoon before dinner I looked through various savings, collectibles and such. Some of the request dealt … Continue reading

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GDC 24: The Faith of Christians

This section and the two that follow give the briefst summary of the situation of present-day Christians. Some praise, but cautions as well: 24. The disciples of Jesus are scattered in the world as leaven but, as in every age, … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 121

On aids for assembly worship, chiefly hymnals, people’s missals, and other published items: 121. Even in the case of pastoral aids published for the private use of the faithful and intended to foster their participation in the liturgical celebrations, the … Continue reading

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Pushing Back With The Bible

At the CafĂ©, Jeffrey Tucker writes of “non-liturgical texts” (read: not the propers) and many of his coffee drinkers predictably fall in step behind him. The problem with this conga line is not the propers being celebrated. These are almost … Continue reading

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