Liturgiam Authenticam 121

On aids for assembly worship, chiefly hymnals, people’s missals, and other published items:

121. Even in the case of pastoral aids published for the private use of the faithful and intended to foster their participation in the liturgical celebrations, the publishers must observe the proprietary rights:

a) of the Holy See, in the case of the Latin text, or of the Gregorian music in books of chant published either before or after the Second Vatican Council – with the exception, however, of those rights conceded universally, or those to be thus conceded in the future;

b) of the Conference of Bishops or of several Conferences of Bishops simultaneously, in the case of a text prepared in a vernacular language or of the music printed in the same text, which is the property of the Conference or Conferences.

For these aids, especially if published in the form of books, the consent of the diocesan Bishop is required, according to the norm of law.[Code of Canon Law, can. 826 § 3] 

I’m not seeing anything we haven’t already known or not in current practice. We haven’t heard anything from the crowd dissenting from copyrights and such. Anything?

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