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Lies or Ignorance?

It’s sort of a head-scratcher on one of the more common reasons given for the confluence of the Hermeneutic of Subtraction and Communion from the Cup. Br Dan sorts it all out for you here. As one dotCommonweal commentator asked … Continue reading

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Grim Catholicism

WaPo’s On Faith page features the quiet Beatle in this post. Does the author overstate George Harrison’s influence on religion and spirituality in the West? But his greatest legacy may be the way his decades-long spiritual quest shaped the ways … Continue reading

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GDC 25: Three Categories of Christians

Okay, now for the bad news: 25. Nonetheless, in considering today’s religious situation, the Church is also obliged to take into account the extent to which Christians “have been shaped by the climate of secularism and ethical relativism?” (42) A … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 122-125

This has been a pretty exciting series as of late. No peep from reform2 on copyrights and such. Let’s wrap up the issues of publishing liturgical books. Quietly, I suppose. 122. Care is to be taken to ensure that the … Continue reading

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