Liturgiam Authenticam 122-125

This has been a pretty exciting series as of late. No peep from reform2 on copyrights and such. Let’s wrap up the issues of publishing liturgical books. Quietly, I suppose.

122. Care is to be taken to ensure that the choice of publishers for the printing of the liturgical books be made in such a way as to exclude any whose publications are not readily seen to conform to the spirit and norms of Catholic tradition.

123. Regarding texts produced by agreement with the particular Churches and ecclesial communities separated from the communion of the Holy See, it is necessary that the Catholic Bishops and the Apostolic See retain full rights for introducing any changes or corrections that may be deemed necessary for their use among Catholics.

124. According to the judgment of the Conference of Bishops, leaflets or cards containing liturgical texts for the use of the faithful may be excepted from the general rule by which liturgical books prepared in a vernacular language must contain everything that is in the Latin textus typicus or editio typica. As for the official editions, namely those for the liturgical use of the priest, deacon or competent lay minister, the norms mentioned above, in nn. 66-69, are to be maintained.[85]

125. Besides what is contained in the editio typica or foreseen or set forth specifically in this Instruction, no text is to be added in the vernacular edition without prior approbation granted by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.


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