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On the Blessed Blood

While researching materials for my presentation on the new Roman Missal, I found this quote from St Julian of Norwich which seems appropriate in the context of the Hermeneutic of Subtraction: God has created bountiful waters on the earth for … Continue reading

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Body/Bread and Blood/Wine

The other day, I noticed my friend Fran was upbraided for mentioning the appearances of the sacrament instead of referring to the Body and Blood. In my own parish, the homemade software generates a schedule that refers to “bread” and … Continue reading

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Occupying Our Attention

This Occupy movement is really getting under some people’s skins, isn’t it? Good. Tom Tomorrow has his usual insightful offering here. My governor isn’t happy: The governor said he was worried about the effect the protests could have on businesses … Continue reading

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GDC 26: Failure to Witness

The last of three sections treating the current situation of Christians: 26. There is also a certain number of baptized Christians who, desiring to promote dialogue with various cultures and other religious confessions, or on account of a certain reticence … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 126-127

Diocesan propers should be translated … 126. In the preparation of a translation of texts of a diocesan liturgical approved by the Apostolic See as textus typici, the following are to be observed: a) The translation is to be done … Continue reading

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