Liturgiam Authenticam 126-127

Diocesan propers should be translated …

126. In the preparation of a translation of texts of a diocesan liturgical approved by the Apostolic See as textus typici, the following are to be observed:

a) The translation is to be done by the diocesan liturgical Commission[Cf. Mediator Dei, 1947: AAS 39 (1947) 561-562 ; SC 45.] or by another body designated by the diocesan Bishop for this purpose, and then it must be approved by the diocesan Bishop, after consultation with his clergy and with experts;

b) The translation is to be sent to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for the recognitio, along with three copies of the textus typicus together with the translation;

c) A relatio is to be prepared as well, which is to contain:

  • i)  the decree by which the textus typicus has been approved by the Apostolic See,
  • ii)   the process and criteria followed in the translation;
  • iii) a list of the persons who have participated at various stages of the work, together with a brief description of their experience or abilities, and of their academic degrees;

d) In the case of the less widely diffused languages, the Conference of Bishops should testify that the text is accurately translated into the language in question, as mentioned above, in n. 86.

127. In the printed text are to be contained the decrees by means of which the recognitio of the Holy See is granted for the translations; or at least a mention is to be made of the recognitio, including the date, the month, the year, and the protocol number of the decree published by the Dicastery, in keeping with the same norms as above, in n. 68. Two copies of the printed text are to be sent to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Does anyone live in a diocese where these are readily available?

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