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Bishop For President

My friend John is in the US, visiting. I think he hits town here in the Midwest sometime next week. His bishop (John’s image from his blog, right) will be resigning soon, and is seeking Vatican permission to run for … Continue reading

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Thank God for Satellite Radio: A Jimmy Mac Travelogue

(This is Jimmy Mac) As we all know, once one gets about 50 miles from a major metropolitan area, radio rapidly descends into the bowels of political insanity, theological inanity and musical vapidity. Ergo – Thank God for satellite radio! … Continue reading

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Unaccompanied Song

GIA editor and church musician David Anderson discusses his “Thoughts on Unaccompanied Song” in his piece in GIA Quarterly. If you have access to this publication, I recommend his article. He speaks of four practices that hinder assembly singing, all … Continue reading

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Hierarchy of Lay Ministries

A reader wrote with this dilemma: As a choir director I am occasionally faced with boys being told that they should skip choir to be altar boys on that Sunday because a scheduled server didn’t show up and being an … Continue reading

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GDC 27: “The internal life of the ecclesial community”

Two numbered sections under the above heading give a good news/bad news summary. The Congregation for Clergy doesn’t ask which comes first; they go ahead and give the positive: 27. It is important to consider also the very life of … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 128-130

On translating texts for religious, consecrated or apostolic: 128. In the preparation the translation of texts approved by the Apostolic See as textus typici for religious families, that is, Institutes of Consecrated Life or Societies of Apostolic Life, or other approved … Continue reading

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