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The Enemy Within?

A friend in Kansas City and I were chatting last week. I kept the conversation away from the troubles there. But near the end of our talk he said the whole situation remains “a mess.” After today’s news, maybe another … Continue reading

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Occupy Anti-Apologists

Needless to say, our corporate masters are scared spitless that they are the targets of a few thousand worldwide protests. I note that even in the Catholic blogosphere (such as here), the attempt is in full flower to discredit: … … Continue reading

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GDC 29: The Vitality of Catechesis

Another good news/bad news section. GDC 29-30 form a two-part section that addresses the “situation” of catechesis: it’s vitality, but also today’s difficulties. We’ll save the latter for tomorrow. First, the good work: 29. The vitality of catechesis in recent … Continue reading

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Upcoming Efforts

With the completion of Liturgiam Authenticam, we arrive at yet another juncture at this site: which liturgy document to tackle next. I’ve pretty much decided that it’s opportune to look at the new edition the General Instruction of the Roman … Continue reading

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