Occupy Anti-Apologists

Needless to say, our corporate masters are scared spitless that they are the targets of a few thousand worldwide protests. I note that even in the Catholic blogosphere (such as here), the attempt is in full flower to discredit:

… perpetual adolescents … babies (having trouble getting the age group nailed down here, I see) … sheer ignorance … (they) live in their own filth … too many degrees in grievance driven fields like Gender Studies or unicorn and glitter … Leftist dirtbags … OWS scumbags (so which is it: scum or dirt?) … squatters … their filthy lucre …

It’s all entertaining to a point, if you like comedy.

Comforting to know the all-seeing, all-knowing Catholic commentariat is on the ball with yours truly: I’m a hypocrite, naturally, just for smelling up their echo chamber with a hint of doubt. Personally, I think they need a higher level of skepticism when it comes to what the conservative media, pajamas and suits both, are feeding them. Me, I prefer a nice smoked turkey sandwich on pumpernickel bread.

I have no direct experience with either Occupy or the Tea Party. Took advantage of an opportunity to take my wife out for lunch yesterday instead of wandering over to see what Occupy ISU was up to. I see my city has its second Occupy group. Good. Maybe I’ll check out one of their events. Being the good Boy Scout I was raised to be, I can assure you I’ll be picking up my own trash, thank you. Unless it should instead be recycled.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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6 Responses to Occupy Anti-Apologists

  1. There was a story on NPR this morning–think the point was made on “On Point” that the Occupy movement is made up of people from both political sides, although it has a bias towards the left, like Libertarians lean right.

  2. David D. says:

    I took a peek myself today at lunch and with the exception of the NYPD, news crews, and gawking tourists who had wandered over from the WTC site, nobody seemed to pay the protesters much attention. From the viewpoint of a onetime observer, it’s all very unimpressive. If I hadn’t known better, I’m not sure I would have necessarily known that there was some sort of protest in progress. I suppose the impact comes from seeing these people in the same spot day after day.

    For an interesting take on OWS from a “conservative Christian perspective” I again recommend Rod Dreher’s blog over at The American Conservative and in particular this linked story, a portion of I which I quote after the link:


    “Maybe the way they’re calling Wall Street out is silly, pointless, and foolish in a thousand ways. But at least they are there. Where are the Christians? Where are we conservative Christians, who claim to really believe what Scripture says, and look down on liberal Christians for picking and choosing what they want to believe on sexual morality to suit their desires? Do we not have a blind spot when it comes to wealth? Why does the immense power Wall Street wields over the fate of the nation because of its wealth not trouble us enough to bear public witness? Why does it not trouble us much at all? It troubles me, but I don’t know what to do about it. This won’t do.”

    • Todd says:

      Rod has his moments. On a lot of topics, he’s a thoughtful and discerning sort. He struggles with a lot of the echo chamber conservative talking points, and for that, I applaud him.

      • Liam says:

        Rod’s major weakness is a near addiction to dystopianism, and more of the secularly influenced kind than he sometimes is aware. He can’t seem to wean himself from gravitating to information that reinforces the mindset, and he’s wary of being shown the limitations of the information. Dystopianism is ultimately the mirror image of utopianism.

  3. I have issues with the constant vilification of the OWS folks. For the record, I think that they like any other group of that sort, are perhaps well intended but misguided. That said, this effort to turn them into whiny, entitled idiots who like to be fed by others just reminds me of my days as a corporate executive… Sorry, sarcasm not really necessary, but I couldn’t help myself for a moment.

    I guess some of what really gets me on the so-called Catholic pages that rip OWS would be the “I-pulled-myself-up-by-my-bootstraps-did-it-myself” thing. Another is that I want to ask – how many times did Jesus uphold the status quo in order to invite us all to transformation? Never maybe?

  4. http://www.npr.org/2011/10/15/141379977/wall-street-protesters-more-savvy-than-sloppy

    More backing you up. The first minute or so of the story deals with how they’re cleaning up about themselves.

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