The Catholic Way

Nice the confluence of the study of Catholic lay independence from our hierarchy and the reaction to the Vatican document on economics.

As a long-time observer of Catholics, especially the internet brand, it’s all too predictable. Catholics, bishops and laity alike, are human beings. When unenlightened, they are liable to the same blind spots as anyone else. People look for a ready excuse to go their own way. In other words, they make the decision they want, then alter the current around them to justify what they say or do.

But really: where else can an observer of people be so entertained? You know the social and moral wreckage is coming. The only novelty is where the debris will land this time. Archbishops Chaput, Dolan, et al. want to be relevant. But let’s face it: they are not.

By the way, blogging will continue to be light for the next few days. I seem to have landed the flu, either from my shot or from my family. When in the full upright position, light-headedness ensues. So I think it’s time for a nap.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to The Catholic Way

  1. Randolph Nichols says:

    From a previous post: “I was talked into a flu shot for the first time this year. My wife, too. Should I regret it yet?” And now you write “I seem to have landed the flu, either from my shot or from my family.”

    I’ve had an ongoing argument with members of my family who are in the medical profession. It seems I always come down with something after a flu shot; they, on the other hand, say such a relationship is downright impossible and merely coincidental (a nice way of saying it’s all in my mind).

    Am I just another case of a Catholic looking for an excuse to go his own way?

    • Todd says:

      Not sure.

      I checked the handout from the doc’s office. It described a not-uncommon side-effect: sniffles, fever, and ache, but that it should pass in 1-2 days. After napping much of the day today, I feel a good bit better tonight.

      I think it’s fine for a person to be aware of her or his biases, and how they might affect an outlook. But I get a laugh on conservatives who think it’s all about obedience and faithfulness, when, for them, it’s also about their own biases. But they seem unknowing.

      To be sure, many liberals have the same blind spot. But they don’t claim they don’t.

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