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Cincinnati Sends Madison Scrambling For New Excuses

PrayTell reports on the Cincinnati archbishop’s letter to clergy referencing Phoenix and Madison: Having contacted the Secretariat for Divine Worship at the USCCB, I was informed that it is not a matter of the indult expiring. Rather the indult has … Continue reading

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GDC 40: “Jesus Christ: mediator and fullness of Revelation”

The middle paragraph of this section summarizes the Paschal Mystery–the completion and apex of God’s self-revelation in himan history: 40. God revealed himself progressively to (humankind), through the prophets and through salvific events, until he brought to completion his self-revelation … Continue reading

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GIRM 10: Accommodation to New Conditions

1963/1970/2000: a far different era than 1563/1570/1614. 10. Hence, the new Missal, while bearing witness to the Roman Church’s rule of prayer (lex orandi), also safeguards the deposit of faith handed down by the more recent Councils and marks in … Continue reading

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