GDC 40: “Jesus Christ: mediator and fullness of Revelation”

The middle paragraph of this section summarizes the Paschal Mystery–the completion and apex of God’s self-revelation in himan history:

40. God revealed himself progressively to (humankind), through the prophets and through salvific events, until he brought to completion his self-revelation by sending his own Son: (Heb 1:1-2)

“[Jesus Christ] completed and perfected Revelation, he did this by way of his presence and self manifestation—by words and works, signs and miracles, but above all by his death and glorious resurrection from the dead, and finally by sending the Spirit of truth”.(Dei Verbum 4)

Jesus Christ is not merely the greatest of the prophets but is the eternal Son of God, made man. He is, therefore, the final event towards which all the events of salvation history converge.(Cf. Lk 24:27) He is indeed “the Father’s one, perfect and unsurpassable Word”.(89)

(89) CCC 65; St John of the Cross puts it as follows: “He has told us everything at once in this one Word” (“The Ascent of Mount Carmel” 2,22; cf. The Liturgy of Hours, I, Office of Readings for Monday of the Second week of Advent).

Quoting a mystic like Juan de la Cruz: very good. We need more of this mystical witness in the effort of evangelization.

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