GDC 41: Christ at the Center

God’s new covenant is at the center of Christianity. The consequences for Christian believers are obvious, but it also impacts how we view non-believers. Christianity is not just a sect that follows a great teacher. Faith compels us to something more:

41. The ministry of the word must always give prominence to this wonderful characteristic, proper to the economy of Revelation: the Son of God enters human history, assumes human life and death, and brings about the new and definitive covenant between God and man. It is the task of catechesis to show who Jesus Christ is, his life and ministry, and to present the Christian faith as the following of his person.(90) Consequently, it must base itself constantly on the Gospels, which “are the heart of all the Scriptures ‘because they are our principal source for the life and teaching of the Incarnate Word, our Saviour'”.(91)

The fact that Jesus Christ is the fullness of Revelation is the foundation for the “Christocentricity” (92) of catechesis: the mystery of Christ, in the revealed message, is not another element alongside others, it is rather the centre from which all other elements are structured and illuminated.

(90) Cf. Catechesi Tradendae 5; CCC 520 and 2053.

(91) CCC 125, which refers to Dei Verbum 18.

(92) Catechesi Tradendae 5. The Theme of Christocentrism, is explained in “The object of catechesis: communion with Jesus Christ” (Part I Chapter 3) and in “The Christocentricity of the Gospel Message (Part II, Chapter 1).

Christ is at the center of catechesis–not just knowledge and learning, but the whole effort of evangelism. By extension, every aspect of Christian activity should reflect this centrality. Impossible to put into effect, but an ideal for which to strive.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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