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Marriage Prayer

An image from rehearsal, “Marriage Prayer.” TOBIAH: Blessed are you, God of our ancestors, blessed forever is your holy name. Let the heavens praise you, and all your creation for evermore. SARAH: The Lord our God told Adam it is not … Continue reading

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More On Loss

A word from Psalm 147:1-4 … How good to sing praise to our God; how pleasant to give fitting praise. The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem, and gathers the dispersed of Israel, Healing the brokenhearted, and binding up their wounds. He numbers … Continue reading

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GDC 49: Essential Moments

What do the six qualities described in GDC 48 mean? How do they inform the pastoral ministry of bishops, clergy, and catechists? Section 49 summarizes what the evangelical effort looks like, mindful that this is a flexible undertaking. Wise catechists … Continue reading

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GIRM 17-18: Participation

Today’s two sections parallel the 1975 GIRM 2 and 3. 17. It is, therefore, of the greatest importance that the celebration of the Mass or the Lord’s Supper be so ordered that the sacred ministers and the faithful taking part … Continue reading

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