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“I can see you, son, the light of my eyes”

Another image from rehearsal: From late in the second act: Tobiah comes home with a cure for his father. The song sets Tobit 11:9-15. For the final refrain, three singers conclude: Tobit: I can see my son,┬áthe light of my … Continue reading

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The Gang That Couldn’t Theologize Straight

Catholic Culture ramps up its propaganda campaign. The Catechetical One is caught in something of a truth scandal himself, as related on dotCommonweal. Lots of wishful thinking on the Catholic Right and in the hierarchy. Some Catholics want a disobedient … Continue reading

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GDC 50: “The ministry of the word in evangelization”

Pope Paul VI figures prominently in this section, too: 50. The ministry of the word (126) is a fundamental element of evangelization. The presence of Christianity amongst different human groups and its living witness must be explained and justified by … Continue reading

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GIRM 19: Mass Without A Participating Faithful

A reminder about the fruitfulness of the Eucharist, even when only one person is present: 19. Even though it is on occasion not possible to have the presence and active participation of the faithful, which manifest more clearly the ecclesial … Continue reading

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