The Gang That Couldn’t Theologize Straight

Catholic Culture ramps up its propaganda campaign.

The Catechetical One is caught in something of a truth scandal himself, as related on dotCommonweal.

Lots of wishful thinking on the Catholic Right and in the hierarchy.

Some Catholics want a disobedient woman to be humiliated by men.

Some Catholics like seeing clergy take on women religious. And win.

Some bishops want to yell, “Frog!” and watch the laity jump.

From an e-mail this past Sunday, Professor Johnson:

For the sake of your own reputation for truth-telling, and for the good of the church which does not need any more controversy, I urge you to take down this post of 10/28/11.

As of this morning, the press release is still up. Bad goes to worse for the Doctrine Committee. They didn’t get the book right. In a century of email and cell phones, they can’t make a connection with an academic on sabbatical. Maybe they need to dissolve and form a USCCB Committee on Reading Comprehension and Communication Skills. It could only get better from there.

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1 Response to The Gang That Couldn’t Theologize Straight

  1. Have to admit…the more they discuss the book, the more I want to read it to see what the brouhaha is about.

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