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USCCB Advisor Out

It’s a tough economy to lose a job. Even when it’s on your own initiative–with a little push out the door. Never send a lawyer to do a theologian’s job. I think I’m going on record in saying that it’s … Continue reading

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Thank You, Susan, For Thank You, Kim

Rev. Susan Russell has a sparkling column up at the HuffPo. Included: As we continue to work for family values that value all families and a protect-marriage movement that protects all marriages, we will have your example to add to … Continue reading

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GDC 51-52: “Functions and forms of the ministry of the word”

Five functions of the ministry of the word are inquiry (my term), initiation, ongoing formation, liturgy, and theology. Good things to remember. I think a healthy parish should have all five, even the last of them. 51. The following are … Continue reading

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“Be Brave, My Daughter”

Another image from Sunday night’s rehearsal. Tobit 7:17 presented an opportunity and a challenge┬áto set to music. The opportunity is to draw out a relationship between two important characters. From the biblical text, we know of Sarah’s devotion to her … Continue reading

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GIRM 20-21: “Perceptible Signs”

Liturgy may well be defined as Christ’s worship of the Father, but in this world, we identify it through physical experiences and by human senses. Participation, active and full, remains a priority, as the world’s expression of the worship of … Continue reading

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