GDC 54: “To the person and to the truth”

Thanks to the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are able to find ourselves in an affirmative relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a brief section, but quite profound:

54. This “Yes” to Jesus Christ, who is the fullness of the revelation of the Father is twofold: a trustful abandonment to God and a loving assent to all that he has revealed to us. This is possible only by means of the action of the Holy Spirit. (cf. CCC 150 and 177)

“By faith (a person) freely commits (one’s) entire self completely to God, making the full submission of (one’s) intellect and will to God who reveals, and willingly assenting to the Revelation given by him”. (Dei Verbum 5)

“To believe has thus a double reference: to the person and to the truth; to the truth, by trust in the person who bears witness to it”. (CCC 177)

The two quotes above are important. First, that faith is a choice. Human choice, by definition, cannot be a perfect choice. We may well find ourselves, especially in moments of trial or elation, with an inner aspect we have withheld from God. No matter. God can, with our assent as best we can muster it, work his grace despite our reservations. The important thing is that we commit to Christ in freedom, and do so willingly.

The second quote from the Catechism is part of that section’s summary. Refer to CCC 176ff, if you wish. We commit not only to the truth, but also to the person–Christ–who shows us the way. Christian faith is not abstract, dry, and academic. It embraces the whole of human experience: mind and heart, intellect and emotions. God invites us to give everything. If we do, that will have a great significance in the arena of faith formation, will it not?

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