Madison On Deck

PrayTell reports on the about-face in Phoenix on Communion from the Cup.

Fr Ruff:

(W)hen Michael Clancy from the Republic asked if I had a comment, I said  “No.” Then I made the mistake of telling him why I had no comment for the public. You can read what I said in Clancy’s story– he quoted me in full.

That quote:

Father Anthony Ruff, an expert on new translations for the Mass, who criticized the bishop’s previous position as a “step backward,” said he had never heard of a bishop “retracting so quickly.”

“Anything I say could sound like gloating. I think it’s for local clergy and liturgical ministers to find the right way to express their goodwill and happiness with this.”

I think it doesn’t hurt us whatsoever to be appreciative of Bishop Olmsted for reversing course on this, and doing so quickly. I’m even more appreciative of Bishop McGrath for his sensible contribution to the matter. It will be interesting to see if Madison continues to stand alone. Frankly, I don’t have real time to gloat over things like this. There’s too darned much work to accomplish to spread the Gospel. We don’t need to get distracted by the peripherals on whom to appreciate or why.

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